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Jaroslaw Gains Win for Courageous Figure Skater

Craig Maurizi achieved what the U.S. Center for SafeSport and U.S. Figure Skating could not or would not. Thanks to Maurizi, his former figure skating coach, Richard Callaghan, a known child sexual predator, will never again coach figure skaters under the age of 18.

Callaghan was protected by organized sport for decades because of his success in coaching Olympic champions. In 1999, Maurizi made formal complaints about the abuse he had suffered as a young teen, but the sport’s self-governing hierarchy shielded Callaghan from scrutiny. In 2018, Maurizi testified about his abuse at the hands of his coach before the U.S. Senate. Finally, in 2022, Maurizi’s determination led to justice, making figure skating that much safer for children.