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Qiu Speaks at MIT on “Geopolitical Shifts: The Pivotal Role of China in Global Mobility”

Benjamin Qiu joined thought leaders on the MIT Mobility Initiative Vision Day lunch panel Nov. 3, 2023, to discuss “Geopolitical Shifts: The Pivotal Role of China in Global Mobility.”

Moderated by the MIT Mobility Initiative executive director, the panelists discussed how Chinese companies have come to dominate the global EV and EV batteries market, especially in Europe, with respect to new products, and how that reality could be easily missed in the United States for the time being, since most consumers are yet to see such brands. They also discussed how U.S. policy makers can learn from the strengths and lessons of China’s EV industry.

Qiu’s talk focused on the success and geopolitical tensions in his work regarding numerous emerging companies and investors in the mobility startup market in Asia, including batteries, car share mobile apps, and fast-growing self-driving software and hardware companies.